7 Tips to getting pregnant faster

Planning to Get Pregnant?

So you've finally made this biggest and the most important decision you're going to start your own family! But while you were sure that getting pregnant would be easy and fast, after six months of trying, it's just not happening.

Trying to get pregnant is stressful enough, so the last thing you want is everyone offering you unsolicited advice. Sure they mean well, but with so much contradictory information out there its hard to separate fact with fiction.

Forget everyone else's take on how to appease the fertility gods. Read on to find out what helps you conceive and boost your chances of starting your family faster.

pic7 tips to get pregnant faster


It's really important to go over your health history before you even start trying to get pregnant. It's important to identify any diseases you might have like Hypertension, Diabetes or thyroid disease.

A check-up with your doctor is vital as pre-conception care helps to analyze your health and check for any kind of risk that may appear during or after pregnancy. The doctors will guide you in the right direction and also advise you on things necessary for getting pregnant.


Be at a healthy weight before you start planning a child. Going into your pregnancy being overweight is bad for your health as well as bad for your Baby's health and increases your risk of pregnancy complications.

  • Being overweight makes it harder to conceive. 
  • Overweight pregnant women are more likely to develop several health problems such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. 
  • Lastly, Babies whose Mother's are overweight during pregnancy are at the risk for problems that follow them their whole lives. Research suggests that babies are being programmed to be overweight themselves a phenomenon called " OBESITY IMPRINTING"


Smoking can make you conceive 1.5 years late compared to the couples who don't smoke? When you're pregnant, everything you take in your body can affect your baby. If you smoke your baby is exposed to harmful chemicals like nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Smoking is the biggest cause of health problems in developing and newborn babies, it cuts down the amount of oxygen that is being supplied to the baby through placenta leading to smokers being more likely to have a miscarriage.

Do not wait until you're pregnant before trying to give up smoking. Your baby might have spent the most vulnerable weeks suffering the effects. It also takes a few weeks, depending on how heavily you smoke, for the nicotine to clear from your system.


Drinking alcohol puts your unborn baby to risk! When you're pregnant, you should avoid taking alcohol as it passes from your blood to your baby's blood through the placenta.

When you drink your unborn baby can get the same amount of concentration of alcohol in its blood as you do in yours.

Alcohol can harm your baby's developing brain and can also restrict its physical, cognitive growth and development. There is nothing like a safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. It is safest not to drink alcohol at all before and during your pregnancy.


Apart from being healthy, what else can help you get pregnant faster? sex of-course and also at the right time. Getting pregnant is all about right timing. You want to make sure that the conditions are perfect for the egg and the sperm to meet.

Your menstrual cycle and fertility calculators can give you clues about when your body is ready to start the process. Knowing menstruation plays an important role in getting pregnant. Regular menstruation is a sign of fertility of a woman for a successful conception fertile window of a women matters the most.


Lubrication can affect sperms mobility as well as motility. Many women are unaware that a lubricant can adversely affect the sperm by killing or substantially slowing it down.

Lubricants have been shown in research to inhibit sperm movement, cause DNA damage and even kill the sperm.

Some natural oils including canola oil, olive oil, mustard oil and some baby oils are also considered sperm-friendly lubricants and can be used during baby-making.


Women who would like to get pregnant faster should consider taking folic acid supplements and others. Healthy women have higher chances of getting pregnant fast. Those who are planning to get pregnant should take in more vitamin D and multivitamins with folic acid. Along with these vitamins, eliminating caffeine would be a wise move as well.

That's all on the blog for this time all the beautiful parents-to-be, we would soon get back to you with another wonderful blog about the most beautiful journey in a couples life (Pregnancy)


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