Is It Safe to Eat Ice Cream During Pregnancy

If you are working parents, then the only thing you will be seeking is spending some quality time during the weekends in a completely serene atmosphere. Well, the plan’s all set and going down smooth until you hear that sound, the sound that’s going to wreak havoc in the entire neighbourhood, and that’s the sound of the jingle from the ice cream truck. 

picIce Cream During Pregnancy - Is it Safe?

Kids just go nuts by hearing the sound of it, and the next moment they will be running down the streets and shouting “one chocolate, one butterscotch, one strawberry…” they might just finish the entire stock.

Same is the case with pregnant women.  Leave them alone with an ice cream bucket, and one hour later you find asking for another. That’s the intensity of the craving they have for sweets. They are not a healthy snack for sure, but are they safe to eat during pregnancy? Will it affect the baby?

Is it safe?

It is safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy as long as you keep it under control as prescribed by the dietitian.

The main ingredients of ice cream are dairy which includes milk and cream, sugar and sometimes eggs. If you don’t have allergies on these and towards the other add-ons on the ice cream, then it can be considered safe even for pregnant women.

It must be made sure that the milk and eggs are pasteurized. This avoid the chances of bacterial poisoning which could lead to several pregnancy complications. If you have a cold or any medical condition like obesity, it’s better you consult your doctor before you consume ice creams.

Nutritional value

Let’s face it, no matter how old you get, you just can’t say no to ice creams.  It may not appear to be healthy, but it does have its own nutritional values. 

1. Source of energy

Ice cream is an excellent source of energy. It is rich in carbohydrates, with about 15 grams in one-half-a cup of serving. It also contains 7 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein.

2. Source of vitamins and minerals

Ice cream is also a rich source of several important minerals. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus, with about 10 per cent of these minerals compiled in a single, one-half-cup serving.

3. Immunity

Not only does ice cream give you energy, but it also boosts your immunity. Ice cream contains lactoferrin and cytokines – both of these items help in fighting the influenza virus and help people get over the flu.

How much ice cream can I eat in a day?

picYou can accommodate a scoop of ice-cream now and then

It is fine to have a scoop of ice cream now and then during pregnancy as long as you keep the check and make sure you are eating it only as suggested by the doctor. It is highly recommended that you buy ice cream from reputed brands to ensure quality. 

Always check the labels for ingredients to be sure that no ingredients that may be harmful to you are added. Do not try ice cream if you do not exactly know its ingredients.  

Side effects of eating ice cream

The pleasure we get from eating ice creams will soon be forgotten if we push too much and unlock the side effects. 

1. Weight gain

A pint of ice cream (470 grams) is made up of about 1000 calories and for some people; it is more than half of their daily intake.

picOver-eating of ice cream can cause weight gain

If you continue this habit of eating ice cream every day, it could increase your weight and later on, it might lead to complications during pregnancy.

2. Drains your energy

Ice cream is an excellent source of energy, as mentioned earlier.  It contains sugar which is wrapped up by fat content present, and due to this layer, there is retardation in the release of energy.  In order to digest this fat, the body must exert a lot more energy than it normally would otherwise. 

3. Respiratory infections

If you consult a doctor with fever or cold, the first question he shoots is, “Did you eat ice cream recently?” It’s common for you to catch a cold after eating ice cream.

But when are pregnant you must be even careful. Your immune system has to take care of two bodies at the same time and hence, now it is vulnerable to infection than before.

Things to keep in mind

  • Avoid eating ice creams from street vendors. 
  • Avoid homemade ice creams as they are made from raw eggs.
  • Avoid soft serve ice cream and fried ice cream as they pose a threat for spreading infections. 
  • Avoid ice-cream in case of cold and cough.
  • Always check the label for ingredient before buying.
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