Pregnancy Diet: Apples during Pregnancy


This fruit plays a vital role in the overall health of both mama and baby. Filled with nutrients, these crunchy, juicy delights are simply heaven to have. So let's get to know how good this fruit is for preggies. There are plenty of good effects it has for you, and of course a few bad too (but very few, trust me they are really small issues).

To start off with.. apples are rich in the fiber content. The large fiber quantities in this fruit help the mother digest food on a faster rate and do away with constipation problem ( faced by many during the initial stages of pregnancy as well as for some during the last trimester and post-delivery).

picApples during Pregnancy

The best part here is, unlike every other fiber-rich fruit, the texture of apples is too soft and easy to consume. The fiber content in food during pregnancy helps the baby too who gets their nourishment from momma dear.

Many studies have proved that children of mothers who ate apples during pregnancy are less prone to childhood allergies and asthma, let's find out how…



Apples are rich in VITAMIN-A (1% of Daily Value), which helps in the growth and development of the immune system and good vision. Well, something most of us aren't aware of is that this vitamin is essential for those who are about to give birth because it helps with postpartum tissue repair, fights infection, supports the immune system along with fat metabolism. 

While all others are in their place, the Immune system plays a very important role in the case of both mother and child and apples come as rescue in case of building up a strong immune system.


Vitamin C (5% of Daily Value) is yet another vitamin which contributes to making apple a great fruit during pregnancy. Both mom and baby need a good dose of VITAMIN-C during pregnancy as it is responsible for making collagen, a structural protein, which is a component of cartilage, tendons, bones and skin.

This vitamin too helps fight infection, acts as an antioxidant and helps protect cells from damage.


How can we forget POTASSIUM (2% of Daily Value) while talking about the various nutrients in apples? 

Ahh yes.. though found in many foods POTASSIUM is particularly very high in apples. It's very important for maintaining the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body cells. It’s also very important for sending nerve impulses and helps the contraction of muscles. 

While most of us wonder how good it is to have apples during pregnancy, guess you got your clarity on how safe it is to have apples.

Effects of eating Apples

It's always good and useful to know the nutritional value and how useful a particular food is in pregnancy. But it's also important to be cautious and find out whether it has any adverse effects too. As told earlier, apple to have certain side-effects on our body during pregnancy.

Side-Effects of Eating

Well by saying adverse effects we don't mean health-hazard but a minimum risk that can be prevented.

1. One of the most serious issues arises with apple seeds which contain cyanide which is poisonous.

picAvoid Apple Seeds

Hence pregnant women need to be extremely cautious and sure they don't consume apple seeds. The symptoms might take a while as the seeds when consumed release cyanide slowly into the stomach while being digested.

2. Also, remember to wash the apples thoroughly before u eat them as there are high chances that they might contain pesticides. Organic apples that are pesticide-free come to rescue in such case.

3. Unwanted weight gain is another due to eating too many apples or drinking too much apple juice is inevitable, so it's good to keep their consumption in control.

Well that's all regarding the side effects, yes just a few side effects.

Good Effects of eating Apples

Jumping onto the positive side, there are many benefits of consuming apples during pregnancy. Apart from providing complete nutrition to both mom and baby,

1. It helps keep the red blood cells healthy by providing B-complex.

2. They are a great source of phytonutrients such as beta-carotene, cryptoxanthin and anthocyanin. 

3. High fiber content helps relieve symptoms of constipation.

When a woman gets pregnant, from day one to the day of delivery she aspires to give her baby good nourishment and at the same time protect herself too. Including apples in their daily diet helps them have a confident and less complicated journey throughout.

How Much

It’s obvious by now that APPLES are really good and help a lot during pregnancy. But any food even if healthy, has to be consumed on a limited scale, as too much of anything and at once isn't a good thing for both mommy and the baby too.

According to the American pregnancy association,

SuggestionPregnant Woman should eat 2-4 servings of fruits per day

One serving is about a medium-sized fruit (about the size of a tennis ball) if you are having only apple as a whole fruit.

Else it's also good to consume a cup full of apples mixed with other fruits that are pregnancy safe. 

What else, just blindly rely upon this amazing and safe to consume fruit and welcome motherhood with complete joy and happiness.

Nutrition facts for Apples, with skin, raw, recommended daily values and
Pregnancy Nutrition: Eating Healthy While Pregnant - American PregnancyPregnancy nutrition is essential for the health and wellness of your baby. Learn about the nutrition for pregnancy and how it invests in you and your
Pregnancy Nutrition: Eating Healthy While Pregnant - American Pregnancy
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